Well she was an American Girl...

Tom Pretty is the ultimate female-fronted rock show, honoring the incredible music and legacy of Mr. Tom Petty.

Based of of Los Angeles, Tom Pretty's career began with an audition for "America's Next Greatest Rock Band", Tom Pretty front-singer, Mikayla Khramov, played Running Down a Dream for the judges. After the audition, they asked, "Well, do you sing, or you just play guitar?". She answered, "No I just want to play guitar". She didn't get the part. So she decided she might as well start singing. 

Khramov, now the band leader of THEONE ( and drummer/guitarist for The Nesting Dolls (, is an accomplished vocalist, guitarist, drummer, harpist, accordion player, trombone player, and actress. 

"Music is what keeps me moving forward, everyday, all the time," Khramov says. "If it weren't for Tom Petty, I fear the kind of music I might be into!" Khramov's father, Russian musician and composer, Igor Khramov, taught her how to play guitar. Her first song was Running Down a Dream. Since losing her father, she continues in his footsteps, speaking the good word of good music and good ole' rock n' roll.

The Tom Pretty Show takes you on the amazing journey of Tom Petty's music career, from Gainesville, Florida, to Los Angeles, CA, and beyond. Rock with us all night long, to the tunes you grew up with cried with, made love with, and and were inspired by, just like the rest of us.